★Important Notice
●The start of classes is being postponed due to the extension of entry restrictions in Japan as part of measures against new corona infectious disease. As soon as the future schedule is decided, we will contact the enrollees.
 In addition, we will take the appropriate responses, depending on the coronavirus pandemic status and the new policies announced by various government agencies.

3 Features of Sakuragaoka International Japanese Language School

3 Features of Sakuragaoka International Japanese Language school

Our school is managed by Itojuku, a preparatory school for legal qualification exams, founded by Hogakukan company in 1995. Since opening, Itojuku has produced a number of lawyers, administrators and civil servants, especially, the most students who passed the Bar Examination for many years. And the students who ever studied in Itojuku, holding the ideal of "increase the whole amount of happiness in the world", are now succeeding in Japan and all over the world.